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iEnvision 1.1 and related apps release notes

iEnvision 1.1 is the second major release of the product from Open Door Networks and Project A. iEnvision is both our Web-image browser and the basis for our line of "Envi" applications. Details of iEnvision are described in the iEnvision Users' Guide, and the Envi apps are described on the we-envision.com Web site. These release notes detail requirements for, changes in, and known limitations of iEnvision 1.1.

iEnvision 1.1 supports any iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 2.0 or later. An Internet connection is required for most aspects of the product, and any Internet connection supported by these devices (EDGE, 3G or WiFi) will work. However, even though iEnvision is designed to make optimal use of whatever bandwidth is available, many of the most impressive Web images are large so faster connections (3G and WiFi) are recommended.

No Internet connection is needed for the travel products (London Envi, Paris Envi, etc.) based on iEnvision 1.1.

Changes since iEnvision 1.0

- The ability to save any image (using the globe button)
- The ability to automatically create shows just by typing in the desired topic (via the Add Groups screen)
- Major speed improvements
- Shows can start with a "poster" image (see Mac Envision for details)
- Many new shows
- Automatically updates shows when first run
- Zooming automatically pauses a show (except on the poster)
- Significantly better memory utilization
- Other bug fixes

Paris Envi, London Envi and Art Envi Deluxe are entirely new products, based on iEnvision 1.1. Our other "Envi" products currently use iEnvision 1.0.2 as their base.

Known limitations

- This release of iEnvision does not support double-tap for zooming. Apple has not yet provided developers with a way of implementing this feature. We plan to implement double-tap as soon as possible.

- After zooming in and back out, in certain rare conditions, flicking and tapping will not work. Zooming again, or rotating, will fix the problem.

- If you are in the middle of a show, turn your device off and then turn it back on, and the Internet connection it was previously using is not available, iEnvision can hang with a spinning cursor. Simply hit the home button and re-run iEnvision once your Internet connection is available. Note that some WiFi routers do not make their connection available right away when you turn your device on. Check the icon in the upper left to be sure.

- iEnvision tries to save the state of any show you're watching and resume that show where you left off if appropriate (some shows, for instance comics and newspapers, start over on a daily basis). For long shows, both saving and resuming can take a few seconds.

- Updating large show groups can be particularly slow on EDGE, taking over ten minutes for the largest groups. A warning to this effect is provided the first time you try such an update. Updating whole groups (as opposed to single shows) is recommended only through WiFi.

iEnvision is developed through partnership between OpenDoor Networks and Project A | If you have questions regarding the site, please contact the webmaster. | Terms of Use | Built using Project A's Site-in-a-Box ©1998-2008

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